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Tweaks: Retina Pad (iPad)

June 30, 2013 | Leave a comment(0) Go to comments

Retina Pad Cydia Tweak

There are many apps which are only compatible with iPhone but you can still run them on iPad. But wait! are the graphics which come that much clearer or not?  Nop they are not..
To make those Graphics clearer Retina Pad is here to help.

Retina Pad Enables Retina Graphics for iPhone apps in 2x mode

“What is not great about iPhone compatibility mode is that, when an iPhone app is blown up to 2x mode, the graphics become fuzzy. Even if you’ve installed on your iPad an app that’s got Retina Display-ready graphics on the iPhone, you’ll get the pixelated graphics”.



Retina Pad is a Cydia tweak and you get Cydia by Jailbreaking your iDevice

Retina Pad Brought to you by Ryan Petrich.

Once an app of iPhone is installed, You should Choose it and add it to retina pad’s list of running retina apps

Retina Pad is not free actually. It costs $3.

But u can get it free by following the below given steps


Step 1: First of all u need Cydia which you get by Jailbreaking your iDevice (Link Given on Above “Jailbreaking” text)

Step 2:Retina Pad is not a free tweak but You can get it free in these sources

  1. Insanelyi source:
  2.  Hack Your iPhone Source:

Step 3: After adding one of this sources You should search “Retina Pad” it will come, Install it and Have a lots of fun playing iPhone apps on your iPad

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